Norah Jones

Seven Years

Norah Jones

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Seven Years

Year: 2002 - Album: Come Away with Me

	  		Intro:  F   G   A   B  /X2
C          G/B       Am7  C/G      D7/F#
Spinning laughing dancing to her fav'rite
    Fadd9  C        E7       Am7     C/G
song    a little girl with nothing wrong 
Fadd9     C

all alone
C         G/B         Am7   C/G      D7/F#
Eyes wide open always hoping for the sun
Fadd9       C        E7      Am7 C/G  
and she'll sing her song to anyone that 
Fadd9     C
comes  along
G       E7             Am7/B        C
Fragile as a leaf in Autumn just fallin
 B      Am7         D7
to the ground  with out a sound
C         G/B     Am7 C/G   D7/F# F6 
Crooked little smile on her face     tells
C  E7      Am7 C/G    Fadd9        C
a tale of grace that's all her own
C          E7      Am7         C/G
Alittle girl with nothing wrong and she's
Fadd9      C
all alone
Fadd9     D7    Am7/B   Am7/C

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