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All His Suits Are Torn Chords


Difficulty: EasyEasy

by KoJaK

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All His Suits Are Torn

  		--- significa palm muted 
 Billy Cobin lost it all we knew he would eventually 
 Some wonder why he took the fall 
 Bb       C                D 
 Others wonder who the hell is he and why should 
 C             Bb > C# 
 we care for him 
VERSO 2: mesmos acordes do verso 1 
 A baggy man with baggy clothes 
 a face made of paper mache 
 He lost his humor years ago 
 Along with his molars 
 His head planted beneath his shoulders 
Bb F C D Bb Kill the pain integrity don't keep you warm and sane Bb F C D Don't throw me out with the bath water Bb F C C# Bb C# F Don't wanna be anyone who would wanna know me
Verso final: mesmos acordes Billy Cobin had a time Billy Cobin had a place Following his 15 minute climb Billy took a 7 second leap a canonball Plunge off the deep Repete o refrão e depois: Bb C# F x4

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