No Justice

Turn To A Smile

No Justice

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Turn To A Smile

	  		Intro G C C D 
G             C                   C                   D   G  C                  C D 
 Sometimes I lie awake at night and I can?t close my eyes.    Thinking about you. 
G              C                C              D     G C                     C  D 
 Times like this I realize that I can?t help myself,     I?m crazy about you. 
G                 C                C     D                           G   C                  C D 
 Ain?t it funny how life finds a way somehow to bring two things together. It?s bittersweet. 
G              C                      C           D  G C                         C  D 
 How the Lord sought out an angle to open up my eyes,   and knock me off my feet. 

D C G D When I?m standing on that stage with those lights in my face. I think of you and my lips turn to C G C C D a smile??? it?d take a lifetime to erase.
Verse G C C D G C C D Hate to see you leave, you seem so far away. Well I still feel you. G C C D G C C D Make a call on my telephone to hear about your day. To say I miss you. G C C D G C C D Every time the wind blows well I can feel you touch. It gets me though another day. G C C D G C C D With a long stretch of highway combined with a lack of time. But our love will never fade. Chorus2X

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chords No Justice - Turn To A Smile
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