No Justice

Feels Like Rain

No Justice

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Feels Like Rain

G Em C D  
G                        Em                                              C  
 Pulled in the driveway, Night wasn?t really going my way. There was something in the air that  
                     D  G                      Em                                      C  
didn?t seem right to me. Note on my front door, like all those times before, she said I?m headed  
south, taking the road my way. 
        Em                     C               G                                          Em 
And I swore I coulda seen it comin?. All the signs right in front of my face, oh the next ten  
              C                  D                   Em                C                     G  
weeks on the road never be the same. Cause there be nobody waitin? at home for me. Just two white  
                           Em      D                   C           Em      D             
lines and a memory, and I swear tonight it feels like rain. Oh tonight, I swear it feels like  
   C                                  G (intro) 
rain. Oh tonight let the rain come down. 
G                            Em                                   C                       D 
 Staring at four white walls, bottle in my hand. Shouldn?t been gone, time to leave the scene.  
G                              Em                             C                
Yellow tape from tree to tree, got away with my old TV and I swore I never knew the woman would  
turn out,   well so damn mean. 
                        Em                        C                           D  
Oh let the rain come down, oh let the rain come down. Oh it?s comin? down on me. Yeah the rain?s  
                 G,Em,C,D (fades out) 
coming down on me. 

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