Nilton Santos

More Then Just A Friend!!

Nilton Santos

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More Then Just A Friend!!

(Nilton Santos)


  D7+  		                           D7+ 
You are the woman who walks weary down the street 

 D7+                          D7+    
With your hair falling down your face 

A                               E 
I see magic in your very bright eyes 

A                                  E 
I hear the magic from your lips singing 

D			     E 
A sweet song from you to me 

	       F    				      E 
		like love! like love! like you! like me!! 
		  A      D		     E 
		more... then just a friend!! 
(A E) (D E) E 

 D7+                                D7+    
I just wanted to hear your voice sigh joy 

D7+                             D7+    
Let me see you dance, you were so light 

A                               E 
And seemed to float right through the air 

A                           E 
I'm just a man wishing to see you 

 D			     E 
So i, i just call your name!

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