Nick Lowe

You Make Me

Nick Lowe

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You Make Me

	  		D   A    D
You make me
D    G         D         A   A/G
It's out of my hands you see
D E    D/F#  G  A  B   A  G
I dont wann -a  do wrong to ya
D   A    D
You make me

(verse 2)
D   A    D
You make me
D G            D              A   A/G
I strive to be strong But I'm weak
D   E        D/F# G   A  B   A G
You say what use=  less ex-cuse is this
D   A    D
You make me

  F#          Bm
I try with my might
   F#          Bm
To have and to hold
    E                 E7
But there's something doing
     A            A7
That I can't cont-rol
    D          A             D
See I have the blues my love

I'm just confused by love
D   A    D  E
You make me
D   A    D
You make me 

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