Nick Cave

Juvilee Street

Nick Cave

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Juvilee Street


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C F D# C e--------------------------------------------------------------------------------| B--------------------------------------------------------------------------------| G------5--5-5-3-5--------10----10-------10--10---8-----8-8\5--5----5----5-5------| D----3--3-------------------10---10--10---10-------8---8-8\5--5------5-----------| A-----------------3/8---8------8-----8--------\6-----6--------3--3-----3---------| E--4-----------------------------------------------------------------------------|
(Intro without vocals + keep going + speed up tempo and strumming as song finishes) C F D# C On Jubilee street there was a girl named Bee She had a history, yeah but she's got but no past When they shut her down the Russians moved in Now I am too scared I am too scared to even walk on past C F D# C She used to say: All those good people down on Jubilee Street They ought to practice what they preach Here they are to practice what they preach Those good people on Jubilee Street And here I come up the hill, I'm pushing my own wheel of love I got love in my tummy and a tiny little pain And a ten ton catastrophe on a 60 pound chain And I'm pushing my wheel of love on Jubilee Streets, yeah I look at them now (start keyboards /violin) The problem was she had a little black book. And my name was written on every page Well a girl?s gotta make ends meet, Even down Jubilee Street (start Chorus & increase speed) I was out of place and time, and over the hill, and out of my mind, On Jubilee Street I ought to ṗractice what I preach These days I go downtown in my tie and tails I got a foetus on the leash I am alone now, I am beyond recriminations Curtains are shut, the furniture is gone I'm transforming, I'm vibrating, I'm glowing I'm flying, look at me I'm flying, look at me now

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