Nic Chagall

This Moment Chords

Nic Chagall

Difficulty: BeginnerBeginner

by andrsouza

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This Moment

Capo on 4th fret

C                                     Em 
I've been running on, running on empty 
      C                      Em  
For way too many miles now 
C                              Em 
I've been flying with broken wings 
              C                     Em 
(And now I'm falling faster to the ground 

            C                            Em 
And it's a bitter end to a story so sweet 
        C                                    Em 
Like a long lost friend that's never found a way back to me 
       C                               Em                C 
And I can't deny these memories got me all locked up inside 
( C )                 Em 
   And you hold the key 

C              D            Em    G 
   All that I need is this moment 
C             D          Em     G       C               
  To send me away with a smile on my face 
( C )           D         Em     G 
I tried to leave but I turn back 
C         D      Em     G      C 
    On my heart remains a trace 

( C )            D            Em      G 
   All that I seek is this moment 
C                D            Em     G 
  All day in my mind I recreate 
C                D       Em      G 
  If there was a way to get back 
C                  D           Em      G 
  This feeling of chase... of chase...  

C             D       Em     G                C 
  All that I need...     this moment 
This moment... 

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