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You Gave

New Creation Church

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You Gave

Intro: E - B - E/G# - A2 

verse 1 
E         B 
  Jesus I come 
          E/G#      A2 
I want to meet with You 
            B       C#m    A2 
Holy Spirit fall on me    anew 

verse 2 

E              B 
  I see at the cross 
             E/G#     A2 
That crimson tide has washed 
Away my guilty stains 
    C#m      A2 
For me   You gave 

E Your love G#7 C#m7 Falls as the morning dew A2 Sweep me away til E B A2 I am lost in You E Jesus G#7 C#m E/G# My heart it longs for You A2 Your love reaches out E B You hold me close Cdim C#m When I need You most A B E I live to worship You
verse 3 E B I see all my sins E/G# A2 Nailed to that sha-ttered form B Now grace and healing flow C#m A2 To me You gave

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