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About Us

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  Am                        F  
It seems like everythin' is happened again  
It's the same old story  
  Am                  C      
People keep on getting in my way  
I'm tryin' to do this for me  
C                       G 
Cause I had a chance in everything  
D                   Am 
Puttin' all this on me  
F                           C                  
It's breaking every little piece of me  
G                D 
And I don't ever want you to leave  
D                    Am     
I'm trying to make it right  
C                        G 
This thing that they call love  
D              Am 
I need you in my life  
C                    G 
I'm trying to make it right  
About us  
I keep hearin' it  
About us  
I don't care what they say  
About us  
I hate hearin' it  
About us  
I'm tired (2x)   

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