Neil Young

Sugar Montain

Neil Young

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Sugar Montain

D                  C
    Oh, to live on    Sugar Mountain,
D                             C
    with the barkers and the colored balloons.
D                         C
    You can't be twenty  on Sugar Mountain
Am                                                      D
    tho' you're thinkin' that you're leavin' there too soon,
Am                            D
    you're leavin' there too soon.
            D            C                               D
1. It's so noisy at the fair, but all your friends are there,
                             C                             D
    and the candy floss you had, and your mother and your dad.
+ REFRAIN   + Am - G - D       Am - G - D
              D                  C                               D
2. There's a girl just down the aisle, oh, to turn and see her smile.
                                 C                            D
    You can hear the words she wrote, as you read the hidden note.
+ REFRAIN   + Am - G - D       Am - G - D
               D               C                                  D
3. Now you're underneath the stairs and you're givin' back some glares,

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