Neil Young

Stupid Girl Chords

Neil Young

Difficulty: IntermediateIntermediate

by carlluz

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Stupid Girl

Intro: E  C  (x3) 
                E                               C 
You're just a stupid girl... you really got a lot to learn 
         E                            C 
Start living again... forget about remembering 
               A            E   D   F 
You're such a stupid girl 

NC               E                               C 
You're such a beautiful fish... floppin' on the summer sand 
                 E                                     C 
Lookin' for the wave you missed... when another one is close at hand 
               A          E                  A            
You're such a stupid girl... you're such a stupid girl 
C#m            B              A              A  B    B   
La la la la... la la la la... la la la la...     Ahhhhh 
C#m            B              A  A E D F 
La la la la... la la la la...  

                 E                        C 
I saw you in Mercedes Benz... practicing self-defence 
                  E                                   C 
You got it pretty good I guess... I couldn't see your eyes 
               A          E                  A           E   
You're really stupid, girl... you're such a stupid girl 
               A           E  
You're such a stupid, girl... 

solo to end 
A  E x4 

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