Nana Grizol

Everything You Ever Hoped Or Worked For

Nana Grizol

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Everything You Ever Hoped Or Worked For

	  		Intro: G  D  C (x2) 

            G    D              C 
And will we ever feel that way again? 
     G                              D              C             D 
Like we were so close that we could live inside of one another's skin 
     G                   D                           C              D 
Like we all showed up in this town to make something new and good begin 
     G                  D 
Will we ever be able to call one another 
C               D 
My my surrogate sister or brother, without  
G                  D                    C 
Being kinda cynical about its implications? 

G  D  C  D 
G  D  C 
Well, the past few years 
I guess they've been pretty weird,  
           C                D 
And sure I left cause I was bored,  
Or maybe scared of what it means 
When something little comes between you  
    C                   D 
And everything you ever hoped or worked for 

G  D  C  D 
G  D  C  G 
But now all I can say is friend don?t go away,  
            C                D 
You know it kills me when we leave. 
But when I?m nine hours on a bus,  
I look at photographs of us and 
  C           D                G 
I truly do believe its what we need?s 
To go back to Portland  
   C                D 
Or even anywhere in France 
And find that shiver for your spine  
To keep you growing like a vine, 
         C                             D 
And baby never stick too close to your plans 
             G                 D 
And know the best books of our lives, 
              C               D 
They?re being written all the time 
        G                       D 
But not one of them is anywhere close 
To finished yet 

G  D  C  D 
G  D  C  G 

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