Love Moves


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Love Moves

This song ROckz.  
Ang ganda ng version Ng MYMP d2 lang sa Baguio Pinapatugtog 2..Asteeeg! 
Tuning-Half a step down 
Eb Ab Db Gb Bb Eb 
All notes and chords relative to tuning. 
Original chord is G# 
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Intro: A D G Bm G A Eb|-----------0------0--------------------------0-2-0-2-3--2-------------------| Bb|-------2-3----------3-2------0------0------3--------------3---0-0-2-t-2-----| Gb|---2------------2---------2-----2------------------------------------a-2----| Db|--2-2------------------------------------4---------------------------p-2----| Ab|-0--------------------------------------2------------------------0----------| Eb|--------------------------3-------3------------------3----------------------|
!st verse: the same in intro A D G WHo'd tought this is just a pieces thing Bm G A You and i shouldnt even try to make sense of it A D G i forgot how we ever came this far Bm G F# i believe we have reasons that i dont know what they are D E so blame it on my heart oooh Love moves in mysterious way its alwasy so surprising when love kiss over the horizon i luv u 4 d rest of my days it seems like a mystery of how u became to be love moves in mysterious way Comments,questions,?? send me a message in friendster at [email protected]

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