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Especially For You Chords


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Especially For You

	  Intro: Am E F E 
Only buy this if you're lonely 
     F               E 
Only listen if you're blue 
If you're married and you are happy 
              F            E 
This song is not to do with you 
If you listening at your work place 
        F                E 
Feeling small amongst the men 
Do not sing this to your workmates 
     F             E      Am 
This song is not to do with them 
              E           Am 
But if you're sitting on a bar stool 
E                         Am 
Wondering what on earth to do 
F                       Dm 
Don't let them tell you no-one cares 
This song's one especially for you 
If you are listening on your radio 
Smiling while you drive along 
Tune the band into another 
Because this song is not your song 
If you're working as FDJ 
Leave this record in its sleeve 
Cause this one's not for general airplay 
This song is for day she leaves 
And if you bought this and you're sinking 
And I think that you know who 
It matters not the mouth that's singing 
This song's one especially for you 
So this goes out to the lonely 
So this goes out to the sad 
And it goes out to the only  
        E            Am 
One you felt you ever had 
If you're there in total darkness  
With a letter in your hand 
Do not bother with the letter 
Just Listen to the band 
So only buy this if you're lonely... 


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