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New born Chords


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by happiness

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New born

Year: 2001 - Album: Haarp CD/DVD Set

Key:  Em More
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  		Em B   
Link it to the world, link it to yourself  
Em C G B   
Stretch it like a birth squeeze  
The love for what you hide, the bitterness inside  
Is growing like the new born  
When you've seen, seen too much  
Too young, young, soulless is everywhere  
Hopeless time to roam, the distance to your home  
Fades away to nowhere  
How much are you worth, you can't come down to earth  
You're swelling up, you're unstoppable  
Em Am D G D   
Destroy the spineless, show me it's real  
C Am B  
Wasting our last chance to come away  
Just break the silence cause I'm drifting away  
Away from you 

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