Montgomery Gentry

Scarecrow Chords

Montgomery Gentry

Difficulty: BeginnerBeginner

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Capo on 5th fret
D               A        E 
Ninety four degrees, as far as the eye can see 
D          A           E 
Corn is blowin in the wind 
D          A            E 
Seven days a week, out here in this heat 
D          A            E 
A gentle rain my only friend 
D                   A                  E   
Sometimes when the sun goes down, the moon is full the stars come out 
D           A           E 
I look out across this land 
D                   A       E 
I'm proud of what I do, but I bet I'm a lot like you 
C#m                        D 
I wanna be more than who I am. 

E D One of these days, I'm gonna run A D I'm gonna leave these fields behind to find what's over the horizon E D One of these days, I'm gonna go A When you look at me, you're not gonna see
D A E A scarecrow D A E Its a simple life I lead, not much out here to bother me D A E Just an occasional stubborn crow D A E I should be satisfied, or so it seems, but I've got lots of time to dream C#m D About all I'm gonna do when I climb down off this pole Chorus Instrumental: D A E x3 C#m D Chorus D A E Just a scarecrow. D A E Just a scarecrow. D A E Just a scarecrow.

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