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Written by Mitski

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Verse 1:

B B I am hungry B Em I have been hungry B B I was born hungry A E What do I need?

Verse 2:

B Em I am something B Em I have been something A G I was born something A E What could I be?
B D# E B There is a light that I can see E B Em F# But only, it seems, when there's darkness in me B B Em D#m There is a dream that I sometimes see G#m B That only appears in the dark of sleep D#m C# Em Ooh, ooh, ooh

Verse 3:

B I am waiting B B I have been waiting F# I was born waiting E F# F# I was born waiting


B For that something E E B Just one something G#m B I was born something G#m F# I was born
B D# E B There is a light, I feel it in me E B G#m F# But only, it seems, when the dark surrounds me B D# E D# There is a dream and it sleeps in me B B B Bm To awake in the night, crying "Set me free" B Em E B And I wake every night, crying "Set me free"

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