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Ray Porter - Sunday Afternoon Chords

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by abelamin

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Ray Porter - Sunday Afternoon

  		verse 1 
A                                                                 C 
I am not what I once used to be, I was once what I am but now I'm not 
A                                                                                          C 
and even though you'll find some spirit in this tune you will never understand my point of view 
D                   E              D                    F 
and it feels such a cool sensation living life alive as God's creation 
you don't know me, you can't see my face when you look in the mirror 
someone else is always looking back at you 
you try to grow up but you know you're gonna to be a faliure 
E                                                     D                     A 
so you stay young and hide your head deep within this tune on a Sunday afternoon 

verse 2 
I got something and I feel it in my head 
I write the songs and make them rhyme and play them once again 
C          A 
but do you notice or even care a bit for what I say 
D                                            E 
for you simply entertainment flowing from my brain 
A             C                   A 
your head, my hand, your touch my love 
A                      C 
I see your face on the cover of a record 

I know you feel that you have to play along 
E                                          D               A 
as Im writing down the lyrics to this tune on  Sunday afternoon 

Middle 8 
and in this world of truth, you have to sit down and write yourself a tune 
or you'll be forgotten in the future which will be here before to soon 

verse 3 
if you feel that you're alive then you'd better join the race 
if you ever see me cry then you'd better dry my face 
if you think that I am good then you'd better tell me soon 
E                                  D                         A 
for it my be that it all came into bloom on this Sunday afternoon. 

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