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Mackenzie Caylor - Volunteer Appreciation Songs Chords

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Mackenzie Caylor - Volunteer Appreciation Songs


(For it?s) 
 F    D    C                     A 
(one, two, three strikes, you?re out at the) 
 D   G    C 
(old ball game.) 

C                      G 
Take me to Truscott Elementary 
C                           G 
Where we have the best volunteers 
A                       Dm 
Going on field trips; planning parties too 
D                 G 
Truscott Tigers appreciate you! For it's 
C                        G 
root, root, root for our volunteers, if 
C                      A 
they ever leave, it?s a shame. For it?s 
F    D    C                     A 
one, two, three shouts hooray for our wonderful 
D   G    C 

Spanish: To the tune of "Los Pollitos" 


F         C      G            C 
(Les da la comida Y les presta abrigo) 

 C             G     F         C 
Los Tigres les dicen muchísimas gracias 
F             C      G             C 
por todo que hacen, por todo su tiempo 
C          G        F        C 
Ustedes son la alma y la corazón, y 
F         C      G            C 
Estamos agrecido que hacen todo con amor. 

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