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Ed Sheeran - Divide Album Medly Chords

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by terr%5Fschmitz

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Ed Sheeran - Divide Album Medly

  		Ed Sheeran Divide Album Medley 

Shape of You 
Castle on the Hill 
Supermarket Flowers 
Nancy Mulligan 
Hearts Dont Breaks Around Here 
How Would You Feel 
Galaway Girl 
New Man 
What Do I Know 
Save Myself 
Bibia Be ye ye 

C           G               D                  Am 
  I'm well aware of certain things that can destroy a man like me 
C                G               B            Em 
  But with that said give me one more, higher 

Castle on the Hill 
G           A                  D 
  Found my heart and broke it here 
  Made friends and lost them through the years 
G               A                D                  G 
  And I've not seen the roaring fields in so long, I know I've grown 
G              A 
  But I can't wait to go home 

Shape of You 
Bm        Em                     G                A                  Bm 
   I'm in love with the shape of you, we push and pull like a magnet too 
               Em               G           A 
   Although my heart is falling too, I'm in love with your body 
Bm          Em                   G                A                    Bm 
   And last night you were in my room, and now my bedsheets smell like you 
                    Em                   G                A 
   Every day discovering something brand new, well I'm in love with your body 

So don?t call me baby 
           Am      F 
Unless you mean it 
          G           C 
And don?t tell me you need me 
If you don?t believe it 
   F               G 
So let me know the truth 
  Am     G          Em   C 
Before I dive right into you 

F      G           Am           C 
   You and I we?re flying on an aeroplane tonight 
F        G     Am                   C 
   We?re going somewhere where the sun is shining bright 
F       G Am        C       F                                  G 
   Just close your eyes and let?s pretend we?re dancing in the street 

Supermarket Flowers 
            C          Em   F 
So I?ll sing Hallelujah 
            G            C               Em   F 
You were an angel in the shape of my mum 
When I fell down you?d be there 
Am            F              C            G 
Holding me up, spread your wings as you go 
          Am                F           C         G 
And when God takes you back, he?ll say Hallelujah, you?re home 

Nancy Mulligan 
G              C      G    D                  C  G 
She and I went on the run, don't care about religion 
G                   C       G     C           D       Em 
I'm gonna marry the woman I love, down by the Wexford border 
G             C    G        D             C   G 
She was Nancy Mulligan, and I was William Sheeran 
    G                     C       G    C           D       Em 
She took my name and then we were one, down by the Wexford border 

Hearts Don?t Break Around Here 
F        C       G                 Am 
Daisies, daisies perched upon your forehead 
C      F     C       G 
Oh my baby, lately I know 

How Would you Feel?(Paen) 
                  G  Bm   C 
How would you feel 
                      G   Bm   C 
If I told you I loved you 
                                   G  Bm   C 
It's just something that I want to do 
                       Am              D 
I'll be taking my time,  spending my life 
                            G   Bm   C 
Falling deeper in love with you 
                            G   Bm   C 
So tell me that you love me too 

Am           F               C 
Ain?t nobody hurt you like I hurt you 
      Am           F               C 
There ain?t nobody love you like I do 
Am             F                C 
Promise that I will not take it personal, baby 
Am               F               C 
If you?re moving on with someone new 

Galaway Girl 
   C                   G 
She played her fiddle in an Irish band 
        D                   C 
But she fell in love with an English man 
C                         G 
Kissed her on the neck and then I took her by the hand 
Said baby I just want to dance 

New Man 
            Em                       G 
He?s got his eyebrows plucked and his asshole bleached 
D                      Em 
Owns every single Ministry CD 
C                     Bm 
Tribal tattoos and he don?t know what it means 
      D                                   Em 
But I heard he makes you happy, so that?s fine by me 

What Do I Know 
F                         Am     G       C        Em 
  I?ll paint the picture, let me set the scene, I know 
F                 Am        G                 C          Em 
  When I have children they will know what it means, and I 
F                      Am     G             C 
  Pass on these things my family?s given to me 
     F                           G 
Just love and understanding, positivity 

Save Myself 
G              D                 Em           C 
Offered off my shoulder just for you to cry upon 
G                 D             Em               C 
Gave you constant shelter and a bed to keep you warm 
C                D                  Em     D      C 
They gave me the heartache and in return I gave a song 
         G     D         G 
Its goes o-o-o-on and on 

Bibia Bi Ye Ye 
G                Am   C                  D 
  Someone told me,     always say what?s on your mind 
G             Am   C              D 
  And I am only,    being honest with you, I 
G          Am   C                        D 
I get lonely,    and make mistakes from time to time 
G              Am 
Se enioma enko ye 
C        D     G  Am 

    Em  C              G          D              Em 
Baby I?m dancing in the dark, with you between my arms 
C               G      D                Em 
Barefoot on the grass, listening to our favorite song 
         C                 G                 D             Em 
When you said you looked a mess, I whispered underneath my breath 
        C                 G        D              G  D     Em   D  C      D 
But you heard it, darling you look perfect tonight 

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