Milos Vukomanovic

Should I Cry

Milos Vukomanovic

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Should I Cry


..It was Monday 8 of June 
the day that i was born 
         D                        A 
it was quiet and easy plase to be for 
D                     G 
my birthday is today and i only know 
        D           A      D 
that i dont wont to grow up.. 

        D                     G 
I was sitting on my couch with my windows 
D                        A 
i didnt wont nobody to know 
         D             G 
i was drinking caffe that i hate most 
            D         A             D 
because my birthday is here for a toast.. 

          G             D 
Should i cry,or should i dont 
should i leave you,without to say 
          G            D 
Should i cry,or should i go 
       G         A 
to my place and waiting for(my birthday to end).. 

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