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	  		 F                                                                        Csus4/E 
I shouldn't have called so late last night, all insecure, out of my mind.  
   Dm7	                                         Bbsus2            F/A  
I shouldn?t have left that message on your phone.  
   Gm          					                 F6  
I shouldn't have said the things I said, looking for love we left for dead in a   
C		      Eb  
grave, without a stone.  
     	               Dm7			       Csus4         C  
As soon as you hear my voice, don't hesitate, put your finger on the button...  

       Gm7      F  
My love.  
            Gm7          F  
I bet you can't erase!  
My touch.  
                  Bb         F/A		Gm       F 
You're trying to replace, a feeling without a name, with somebody else?s   
Eb                 Bb  
face! In your head!  

F				        Csus4/E  
Everything's cool, your rent is paid; the house is clean, your bed is made.  
Dm7				   Bb             F/A  
But it's a ghost town in your mind.  
Gm                                F6  
We never had time to go to sleep, we'd wake up tangled in the sheets, on a   
C			 Eb  
bed, that we called home.  
                          Dm7	                         Csus4         C  
When the pain won't go away, you might as well, put your finger on the trigger...  

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