Michael Peterson

Drink Swear Steal And Lie

Michael Peterson

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Drink Swear Steal And Lie

	  		Michael Peterson 
Submitted by: Christopher R. 
Intro: (B)  (B)  (A)  (B) 
(B) I was 12 when daddy said to me 
Don't take to drinking boy that road don't lead no (F#) where    
And don't you ever let me hear you (B) swear  
Don't you dare (A)  
(B) He told me that stealing's a lazy man's way 
Something for nothing leaves you hell to pay so don't (E) lie  
and then you can look the whole world in the (B) eye 
Honey I try 
But (F#) since I met you (G#m) girl I've been breaking (C#m) every (F#) rule 
(C#m) I must con(G#m)fess I'm just a (E) back sliding (F#) fool 
I want to (E) drink from your (F#) loving cup 
(B) Swear I'll never (E) give you up 
(G#m) Steal all your (C#m) kisses under(F#)neath the moon 
I wanna (E) lie here (F#) close to you (B) look at what you (G#m) made me do 
(E) Darling you're the reason why 
I (F#) drink, swear, steal and lie 
Last night I threw away the 12 step book 
I finally faced the fact that I am hooked on you 
There's nothing more that I can do  
Ain't no use 
"Cause every time I see your angel face 
My halo disappears without a trace  I swear 
Girl I'd admit I haven't got a prayer 
But I don't care 
I know this ain't exactly how I was raised 
But heaven help me honey I ain't changing my ways 
Repeat Chorus Twice 
(F#) drink, swear, steal and lie 
(B)  (B)  (A)  (B) 

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