Melissa Otto

Why Should I

Melissa Otto

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Why Should I

C    G 
I'm sorry, 
D                    G6 
I let fear and doubt in 
C               G 
As though I was an orphan, 
D           D7   G6 
as though you didn't care 

C        G 
As though I walked alone, 
D       Em7   G6 
as though no-one fights before me 
C                G 
As though you didn't notice, 
D   D9       Em 
as though I had no hope 

C G Why should I be afraid? D Em Why should I be afraid? C G Because I have a Father D9 Em Who is with me all the way
C G Would You be close to me, D Em and calm my anxious mind C G Remind me of your goodness, D G6 remove the dark thoughts that You find C G Would You fill my empty spaces, D Em and strengthen me with real hope C In Your love, G in all You've promised, D Em in the place You're preparing for my home CORO 3X

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