Megan Davies


Megan Davies

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Capo on 3rd fret

Intro: G 

G             C            G 
Jim Morrison, Miami County Prison, 
C               G             D 
lookin' out the window at the barbed wire fence 
G                           C                  G 
Singing "This ain't for me, this rock and roll scene. 
C           G                   D 
I should be writing poetry on a farm out in France. 

C G C G Cause I can't see through the darkness. I can't feel no pain. C G D Seems you lose your spark when you achieve your fame. C G D Em I could start it all over, I could escape. C G C G If I could only make it to 28 C G C G If I could only make it to 28.
Verse G C G Janis Joplin, one foot in the coffin. C G D Left that field a-rockin' as she walked on out the door. G C G She put her head in her hands, she said "I've given all I can. C G D I drain myself for these fans. I ain't never been this dry before.
C G C G But Imma move out of this Chelsea Hotel, stop drinking all the time. C G D Stop blowin' Leonard Cohen and listening to him whine. C G D Em Cause I know I am beautiful, I will prove it someday. C G C G If I could only make it to 28. C G C G If I could only make it to 28.
Verse G C G And Kurt Cobain sat in his shed in the rain, C G D stomach full of pain, eyes growin' dark. G C G He said "I'm losing control. I oughta move down to San Francisco, C G D light candles at all of my shows and switch to acoustic guitars.
C G C G Cause this world don't need no more tension and hate. C G D Needs a reason for these kids to stand up and create. C G D Em And I could pull this trigger, or I could just walk away, C G C G if I could only make it to 28. C G C G If I could only make it to 28. C G If I could only make it C G If I could only make it.

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