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Slipping Away Chords

Max Merritt

Difficulty: BeginnerBeginner

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Slipping Away

Baby I've been watching you 
Watching every thing you do 
But I just can't help but feeling 
Dm               G             C 
Someone else is stealing you away from me 
I see it written in your eyes 
And you confirm it with your lies 
And the web you weave can hold me 
I'd rather that you toldme where you want to be 
F  Dm                   C 
Oooooh you're slipping away from me 
F  Dm                   C 
Oooooh you're slipping away from me 
And it's breaking me in two 
         G             C 
Watching you slipping away 
Repeat verses and chorus 
Repeat the last 2 lines of the chorus twice more 
Take the key up 1 to D 
Repeat all of the above 

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