Marty Nystrom


Marty Nystrom

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E   A2   B  (2x) 
C#m   G#m   B 

   E                   A    B             E   A   B 
I love to sing Your praises my sweet Saviour 
And remind my heart 
     A         B        F#m  Bsus  B 
Of what You've done for me 
         E               A 
When I think of all the ways 
       B            C#m     B   A 
That You've been faithful 
    F#m7                   B                E  A/E 
I  rejoice to know that's how You'll always be 
B A Always, forever and ever E A You will be my God E F#m7 B You will always be the shepherd of my soul B2 A Always, forever and ever E A You will be my God E A You will always be the same E A And forever You will reign E C#m7 F#m7 B E I will live to praise Your name al - ways

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