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Done with Bonaparte Chords

Mark Knopfler

Difficulty: AdvancedAdvanced

by gabriel101

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Done with Bonaparte

  		Bb    Eb   Cm   F   Bb   Eb   -   F 
  Bb    Eb   Cm   F   Bb   Eb   F   Bb 
  We've paid in hell since Moscow burned 
  As cossacks tear us piece by piece 
  Our dead are strewn a hundred leagues 
  Though death would be a sweet release 
  And our grande armee is dressed in rags 
  A frozen starving beggar band 
  Like rats we steal each others scraps 
  Eb               F              -         Bb 
  Fall to fighting hand to hand 
  Eb                              Bb                 Gm 
  Save my soul from evil Lord and heal this soldiers heart 
       Bb               Cm                Eb 
  I'll trust in thee to keep me Lord, I'm done   with Bona (to beginning) 
 |: Bb      Eb   Cm   F   Bb   Eb   - 
 |: -parte 
                                        ______   ____ 
                                       |1,2,3 | |4 
   F   Bb   Eb   Cm   F   Bb   Eb   F   Bb       Bb 


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