Marisa Monte

Give me Love

Marisa Monte

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Give me Love

Written by George Harrison

Intro: A A7M A7 D7

Give me Love 
Give me Love 
       Bm        E  
Give me peace on earth 
Give me light 
Give me life 
       G          D     
Keep me free from burder 
Give me hope 
Help me cope 
         Bm     E   
With this heavy load 
       Dm            E 
Trying to touch you, reach you 
    G          D 
With heart and soul 

(A A7M A) 

My love 
A A7M A7               D7 
Please take hold of my hand 
     B7            E 
That i might understand you 
E     F#m  E/G#   E   F#m  E  
Won't you please oh ! Won't you 


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