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Walking In Memphis Chords

Marc Cohn

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by MxTwo

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Walking In Memphis

	  this is the guitar version.  the first part is many piano but there the same chords   
define (C/G) base-fret 1 frets 3 3 2 0 1 0)  
(F)Put (G)on my (C)blue suede (Am)shoes and I(F) board(G)ed the pl(C)ane(Am)  
(F)Touched down in the (G)land of the (C)Delta (Am)Blues  
(F)In the middle of the (G)pouring (C)rain (Am)  
(F) W(G).C. (C)Handy, (Am)(F)won't you look down (G)over (C)me?  (Am)  
(F)Yeah, I got a (G)first cl(C)ass ticket (Am)  
But I'm a(F)s blue as a (G)boy can b(C)e...  
Then I'm wal(Am)king in Mem(F)phis,  (G)	(C)  
(Am)I was walking with my (F)feet ten (G)feet off (C)Beale,  
(Am)Walking in Mem(F)phis,  (G)	(C)  
(Am)But do I really (F)feel the (G)way I feel?  (Gsus)	(C/G)  
(F)Saw the (G)ghost of (C)Elvis(Am) on(F) (G)Union ave(C)nue(Am),  
(F)Followed him (G)up to the (C)gates of (Am)Graceland  
Then I (F)watched him (G)walk right (C)through(Am)  
Now, se(F)curity they (G)did not (C)see him(Am)  
They just(F) hovered a(G)round his(C) tomb(Am).  
But there's a (F)pretty little (G)thing (C)waiting for the (Am)King  
(F)Down in the (G)jungle (C)room  
They've got(Csus)catfish on the (C)table(Csus)  (C)  
They've got(Csus) gospel in the (C)air	(Csus)	(C)  
And Reverend Green (E7)be) glad to (F)see you  
When you hav(F#dim)en't got a (G7)prayer	(C/G)	(C)  
But boy you got a prayer in Mem(F)phis...(G)	(C)	(Am)  

(F)Now, Muriel (G)plays pi(C)ano(Am) (F)every (G)friday at the (C)Holly(Am)wood  
(F)And they (G)brought me down to (C)see her(Am)  
(F)And they (G)asked me if I(C) would(Am)  
(F)Do a (G)little (C)number(Am)  
And I(F) sang with (G)all my (C)might(Am)  
She said "(F)Tell me, are (G)you a (C)Christian, (Am)child?"  
And I said "(F)Ma'am, I (G)am ton(C)ight."  
(F)Put (G)on my (C)blue suede (Am)shoes and I (F)board(G)ed the plane (C Am)  
(F)Touched down in the (G)land of the (C)Delta (Am)Blues  
(F)In the middle of the (G)pouring (C)rain (Am)  
(F)Touched down in the (G)land of the (C)Delta (Am)Blues  
(F)In the middle of the (G)pouring (C)rain (Am) 

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