Mando Diao


Mando Diao

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Bm D   
I aim at the first one who?ll dare to stand still, lord your tension is making me ill  
Em F#  
You?ve got no friends in your home you?ll got no family stone, can?t go yeah yeah yeah   
Everyone on every trip the multi-talanted strip will gather round you with coke and pain   
The trees ain?t no doubt the seeds I had no thought about, no yeah yeah yeah  
Take them out of west take them on a sweet ride, those little angels are numbered nine  
The colored tv once shined on desolation one five they?ve got it yeah yeah yeah  
Bust them in the in the light bust them in the in the daylight, they aren?t worthy being named as thieves  
One of those shorties said hi up to the abbot who died, the rebound yeah yeah yeah  
G A D Bm   
Don?t know why I can?t locate this feeling that I would rather be with you  
G F# Bm   
It makes no sense you?re crying out loud that I may love you  
This stress is wasting my emotions that I would rather be with you  
Don?t let them closer to this secret that I may love you  
Now hear the bluebird whistle hymns like I would rather heal your wounds   
Now hear the dark gun punching out that I may love you  


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