Mando Diao


Mando Diao

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	  		  INTRO    Bm A G E 
Bm     A         G          E 
   Mr Moon, Mr Moon, maybe your time is coming 
   Mr Moon, Mr Moon, what?s happening in that room 
   Well search your heart, before you die, before your time fades away 
   It was given as a promise to each and every man 
D		          A 
 I wanna love you but Im growing old 
Bm		              G 
 ten little soldiers screaming in my soul 
D		              A 
 Will she come over when its time to go 
Bm		              G		  
 Come on and show me little drummerboy,  
E   G  G F# F E	     G         F# G F# F# G F# F# G F# G 
 Mr Moon          Mr Moon   Mr Moon     
Sad but true, sad but true, you?re telling me what to do 
Ive learned my lesson, that stupid question, now it hurts my pride 
And youre a girl, a serious girl, showing me the world 
Oh my love, you?re so tired, but you must think quiet 
 I wanna love you but Im growing old 
ten little soldiers screaming in my soul 
The day is using up its final breath 
Ive never been so sure Ive never doubted you, Mr Moon 


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