Mando Diao

Black Saturday

Mando Diao

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Black Saturday

	  		!!!Under contruction!!! 

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If you want to play this song like Mando Diao plays it you will have to play 
barre chords! 

The chords in the Chorus are double the length of those in the intro 

Intro (4/4-time) 
Em x4 

Em  Em-D-Em G B Em x2 

Verse (8/4-time) 

Em                 G                  B 
Better than running, stand and take a fight 
for days (*I think he says this but I can't really tell) 

It's better than loosing, more than life it self 
can you feel? 

             Em  Em-D-Em G B Em x2 
Another black saturday 
another black saturday 


You think that its funny, I can see you're choking 
I hope you choke yourself to death,  


See what I have done, I'm getting ready 

Another black saturday 
Another black saturday 
Another black saturday 
Another black saturday 


Solo (I will do this in another tab) 
Chords are the same as intro 

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chords Mando Diao - Black Saturday
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