Madeline Juno

Second Time Around Chords

Madeline Juno

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Second Time Around

Capo on 2nd fret


D#m B C# 

verse 1 
It must be something  
        B              C# 
in the way things are between us 

I can't shake it off 
D#m                  B 
I don't know what it is 

where we're going 
do you miss me 

the way I miss you 
whenever we don't talk 
whenever we fade 
whenever we float apart in every way 
I know that I can't help myself 
but rip out my heart 
now it's yours to have 

won't you let me D#m B take you back to the place where we first met C# just take my hand again and kiss me on the forehead D#m say "we'll be alright B this is our time now C# we'll make it work somehow D#m B second time around C# second time around"
======= verse 2 ======= D#m it must be something B in the way you smile C# in the way you walk with your head held so high D#m B and I'm blue as your eyes you're not mine C# and do you recall now D#m the night when you would say B "give it some time C# just wait a little longer and you are mine" D#m I knew I couldn't help myself B but rip out my heart C# now it's yours to have D#m I, I didn't lie B I, I didn't lie C# and I'm sorry I'm not what you wanted D#m B I, I won't cry no more I won't cry C# I'm giving you up I'm giving you up D#m if you can't seem to want me B the way I want you C# won't you let me D#m B take you back to the time when you loved me C you had me hanging on your last words D#m you said we'd be alright B this was our time now C# don't let me go now D#m one second time around B C# second time around D#m B don't let me go now C# second time around

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