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Intro: E7  Am7 (2x) 

Verse 1:
      E7             Am7 
It creeps in, it's like sin 
      E7             Am7 
It tells you to start leaving 
      E7             Am7 
It leads you astray 
      E7             Am7 
It carries you away 
      E7             Am7 
Your faith is in delay 
      E7             Am7 
And you starting sleeping 
G   D      A                 C 
Oh, How do we fight it 

E C It's bringing you, it's bringing you down E C Down on your face A7 D It's telling you to get away like some kind of prey G Let me tell you straight A7 A#7 Bm C A7 It's doubt of the Creator who has given you life and now you're checking twice Oh-a-oh
Verse 2: E7 Am7 There are things between you and Him E7 Am7 You must make things right, you will win E7 Am7 Don't erase eternity E7 Am7 Because-you-think-of-Him-doubtfully E7 Am7 Spend-time-with-Him-wisely E7 Am7 Or you'll be dying G D A C Oh, this emptiness inside Chorus Bridge: Em Woah Am Dm Em All ya want is a little bit of good news Em Woah Am Dm Em But now ya slipping out of your own shoes A7 You're slipping away G Bringing you to the grave Em Dm The soul is at stake Instrumental: Em G D A Em G D A Doubt is upon you Em G D A Doubt is upon you Em G D A Doubt is upon you Em E G D A Doubt is upon you Chorus

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