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In Your Hands Chords

Luke Stalinski

Difficulty: IntermediateIntermediate

by sabrjoao

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In Your Hands

Intro: C 

Verse 1: 

     C                   F 
I lay awake at night and wonder 
C                           G 
What's the meaning of your plan? 
          C                F 
And this cloud that i am under 
         Am                  G 
I can't believe it's where I am 
            C           F    Am   G 
and then I reach up and call your name 
                  C       F       G 
Asking what's the meaning of this pain? 

C G I Lay it in your hands, I give it all to You Am F No matter what may come, or what you do Am G 'cause in the night, when all seems lost Dm7 F C I give it all to you
Verse 2: C F You know, at times it might be frightening C G When I don't know where to go C F But you provide the silver lining, C G You convince the moon to glow C / F Am G so when i reach up, and call your name C F G You make me new, you make me whole again Chorus Bridge: Am G F No matter where I Go, no matter how far hope slips away Am G F I will trust in your love, trust you to save the day Chorus

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