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All A Woman Wants Chords

Lori Mckenna

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by tercmoraes

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All A Woman Wants

Capo on 1st fret

Intro: C 

verse 1 
All a woman wants is to know that when you close your eyes 
          F                                C      G 
She?s the only one you want to be laying beside 
C                       Am 
All a woman wants is to hear you whisper something  
         F                   E7         F    G 
That you never thought you?d whisper to anyone 

verse 2 
She ain?t trying to be complicated 
She just wants to take your breath away  
          F                   E7 
She don?t want to be nobody?s Jesus  
          F                           G 
She don?t need you to need her that way  

verse 3 
C                        Am 
All a woman wants is for you to wish she was dripping in diamonds  
But she don?t really need all those diamonds 
                        C            G 
She just wants you to feel that way 
She don?t need magic, she don?t need miracles, no 
She just wants you to be the best man she knows  
                F                        E7        F    G 
The kind of man, man enough to show an undying true love___ 

verse 4 
She don?t need a scene in the movie 
Oh, but let her feel, let her feel like a woman  
        F                        E7 
Let her walk into the room and look up at you 
    F                             G 
And know that you know what she?s doing 

Verse 5 
Let her stop you in your tracks for a minute 
Let the world just stop for a minute 
And you forgot, you forgot you were even in it 
                    E7        F 
Just while you were taking her in 
Then all she?ll want is you 
All she?ll want is you 
All she?ll want is you 
That?s all a woman wants 

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