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Heaven Here Now

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Heaven Here Now

Intro: D7+   E   Bm   A 

The word you wrote to me 
                          D7+    A     E 
Brought me back to life  
A living history 
                        D7+            A       E 
Your blood is scarlet in light  
                Bm                 A9               E 
Now my world can never be the same  

A E Heaven here now Bm A Love that came down A E In you I am found Bm A9 Heaven here now
A9 Now I look to you D7+ A E Walk the narrow road A9 I give my life away D7+ A E To be a living stone D A9(13) E Now that all the earth would know your name
A9 D E Heaven open wide let our worlds collide A9 Heavenly fire here with me now(2x)
Bridge: A9 E A9(13) A A9 E A9(13) Bm A9 E Like lightning in the sky your kingdom on the rise A A9(13) E The thunder of our praise echo in the light Bm A9(13) E See the sun a blaze breaking through the night A A9(13) E Look into his face behold the rising Christ D E The enemy will shake as we lift our voice loud D7+ E Holy is our God heaven here and now D E See the lost return all the earth will bow D7+ E Holy is our God heaven here and now Solo Instrumental: D7+ E Bm A

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