Little Chief

Brighton Shore

Little Chief

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Brighton Shore

Capo on 3rd fret


Intro- Am C F C F C G 

Am   C        F               C 
I can see it still in your eye 
      F                 C              G 
the song of the night long ago... 
Am       C              F             C 
In your hair was a flower of blue 
   F           C                    G 
a flower I picked just for you 

Am         C            Am     G 
Can you hear the ocean roar? 
Am    C                Am                    G 
And I know that we?ve been here before 
        Am    C                         Am             G 
This heart inside knows the life you left behind 
                Am      F             C 
When we left the Brighton shore 
                Am       G           *Intro 
When we left the Brighton shore 


Am     C                    F                    C 
All we had were the clothes on our backs 
    F                C                        G 
A name that I had, a name we shared 
Am      C      F      C 
Sailing for a land unseen 
    F           C                                    G 
to find the dreams, the dreams we had 



Am             C         F          C 
Though my body is getting old 
      F              C                     G 
my hands will hold, hold you strong 
Am      C                  F               C 
Oh my love we have seen many days 
F                        C                               G 
Now we call this place, this place our home. 


Outro- Am C F C F C G (Same as Intro) *Pluck bass note of G instead of playing it 

Listen to song for plucking rythm and hammer-ons. Sort of thumb leads, followed by first, middle, and  
ring finger all at once. Thanks for playing! 

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