My Grandfather


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My Grandfather

	  		When I was born my grandfather held me in his warm hands 
And it seems though his eyes are teary , 
But it's hard to tell from an old photograph 
While my brother and sister danced at the feet of his tired and weathered frame 
He said there's a light to this boy I've rarely seen 
And there he gave me my name 

Well my grandfather was a sniper  
In the Red Army 
He never had any brothers in arms for on both sides stood enemies 
With a cold, unbroken will to survive 
His steady hand took aim 
And he drank just enough to keep himself warm 
For he never spoke his true name 

Cm      Gm      Cm       Gm      Ab      Bb     Eb 

Eb              Ab              Bb                      Eb 
When I was a boy,the summers were ours 
                Ab                             Bb        
He would take me down to the sea 
        Eb                      Ab 
He?d stand on the waters edge 
        Bb              Eb 
And watch me go crazy 
          Ab            Am              Bb 
As the gentle waves rolled in 

        Cm              Cm/Bb   Cm              Am7/b5 
Lookin' back I wonder how he must have felt 
 Ab                                        Bb 
Watching me and running so free 
          Eb                            Ab      Bb              Eb 
All the years in his life he wished he could forget 
        Ab              Bb                      Eb 
Did he look at the world through me? 

Cm      Gm      Cm       Gm      Ab      Bb     Eb 

Eb              Ab              Bb                      Eb 
When I was a man I flew across the Ocean 
                Ab                  Bb           
When I heard he needed care 
        Eb              Ab              Bb              Eb 
I listened as he spoke of his turbulent life 
            Ab  Am              Bb 
From his ordinary chair 
        Cm              Cm/Bb    
And he ended by saying 
Cm              Am7/b5 
'Oh,I've had enough 
        Ab                                 Bb 
The time has come for me to go 
        Eb              Ab 
I have only one wish 
           Bb        Eb 
That is left in me 
        Ab      Bb      Eb 
To be taken peacefully' 


Eb          Ab          Bb         Eb 
Just before I was due to marry 
            Ab                            Bb     
I heard he could not walk anymore 
        Eb              Ab               
It was then he gave up fight 
Bb              Eb 
I had said goodbye  
            Ab  Am      Bb 
Almost one year before  

Cm              Cm/Bb   Cm              Am7/b5 
And I'll never forget something he told me 
                Ab                                   Bb 
?Yes it?s a cruel world ,but you must live without fear? 
        Eb              Ab      Bb      Eb 
Well I sure do miss my grandfather 
            Ab          Bb          Eb 
He's the reason why I'm here 

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