Lindsay Lohan

My Innocence

Lindsay Lohan



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My Innocence

	  		A     C               G 
I was born a fighter 
G                      A 
I was born on a rainy day 
C                    G 
I had my share of pain 
A               C          G 
But you missed most of that 
G                            A 
So many other things you had to do 
C                G 
You looked after you 
Am                       C 
Do you remember what you did? 
Do you know just what you?ve missed? 
 Am                     C             G 
And do you care about what I have to say? 

A           C           G 
You took my innocence away 
G                     A 
I never had a chance to 
A             C             G 
You broke me in with your mistakes 
G                         A 
Well thanks for the break through 
A               C        G 
But you won?t bring me down 
G                    A 
I always come around 
A              C       G 
You took my innocence away 
But the best of me stayed 

A                 C         
Loneliness has filled my soul 
And it creeps inside and takes control 
   A                       C 
And I don?t know how to begin 
G              C   D#   Bb                
Giving up on everything! 

C            Bb 
My innocence! 
You took my innocence away! 

You took my.. 

But the best of my stayed 

But the best of me stayed 

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