Lindsay Lohan


Lindsay Lohan

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	  		The other tab was so wrong for the intro and verses so I decided to make my own tab for it. 
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e-----3------3-----3---------------| b---1--1---1---1-1---1-------------| g----------------------------------| d----------------------1h3-3-------| play twice for intro a-3------1-------0-----------3-----| E----------------------------------|
(the chords are C5 Bb Am, but play the hammer part cause I'm not sure what the chord may be for it) Verse 1: C5 Bb Am Sleeping awake and awake when I'm sleeping C5 Bb Am I've got a dry kind of thirst when drenched C5 Bb Am Oh sunny days, all i can see is a shadow C5 Bb Am (let it ring) and i'm not about being under C5 Bb Am and i'm at the brink though i know that i'm empty C5 Bb Am and i always hide when it's my turn to seek C5 Bb Am my only belief is not do a thing in believing C5 Bb Am (let it ring) before i begin, i'm over (Disconnected) chorus: C5 G# D# Bb g-13--12--10--12 Broken off again C5 G# F when i'm only not lonely when i'm lonely by myself Bb (disconnected) C5 G# D# now the pain again g-13--12--10--12 G# F I always back draft forward 'cause all in all i'm disconnected C5 Bb Am Quietly loud, while i'm noisily silent C5 Bb Am keep holding my breath, while i'm trying to breathe C5 Bb Am swimming against all of the waves and the rapids C5 Bb Am (ring) I only win, when I'm losing (disconnected) (Chorus) F Bb cause all in all, I'm disconnected Bridge: * D# (see below) Bb I just want to live my life sedated D# F Bb 'cause i love driving myself away * D# Bb disfunctionally sane, who gives a damn F Bb I can't comprehend, what I understand disconnected (chorus) Bb disconnected (chorus) end on Bb.

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