Lindsay & Isaac

Yellow Fields

Lindsay & Isaac

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Yellow Fields

(Lindsay Korth & Isaac Silva)

	  		(Intro) Aadd9 E G Dadd9 
        Aadd9 E G Aadd9 

Aadd9         E 
All Ive heard before about 
    G                     Dadd9 
The strawberry fields and watermelon fields 
Aadd9                E 
Never made me wonder til I saw 
    G                    Aadd9 
The yellow fields by the road 
Aadd9                 E 
Lost in time, lost in place 
G               Dadd9 
Few people care about the way 
Aadd9                      E 
While theyre goin to their destiny 
  G                    E 
I only dream of yellow leaves... 
Aadd9    G6          F#m7/4 Dadd9 
See that small white house 
Aadd9        G6               F#m7/4 Dadd9 
Did you ever wonder who lives there 
Aadd9                  G6 
It looks like a little paradise 
F#m7/4                  Dadd9 
Blue and white like the perfect sky 
Aadd9            G               Aadd9 
But it runs like sand through my hands 
Aadd9            G               Aadd9 
But it runs like sand through my hands 
Aadd9            G               Aadd9 
But it runs like sand through my hands 
G Fadd9 C         G 
Running beyond my life 
G                  Fadd9 
Things like these live on 
C      G 

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