Lily And Madeleine

Sounds Like Somewhere

Lily And Madeleine

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Sounds Like Somewhere

Capo on 3rd fret

Intro: G   C   G   Em   

  G      C      G      Em   
Oohoohoohoo... Oohoohooho??  

G                               C  
Someday, I'll find the right words  
            G                 Em  
I will belong or I will wander  
G                                C  
Somewhere, Over the mountain   
                  G                       Em        
Under the great sky I?ll be all right  

         Em         C             G  
Someday I'll find the right words  
and I'll bloom where I was   
   G                   D  
planted long ago  
 D        C                    G             
Until then, I'll be waiting  
  D                C      D         G  
Hoping, to one day let go  

Instr:GGGG  CCCC  GGGG  Em Em Em Em  

G                           C  
Near the cider mill orchard  
                     G                        Em   
I stopped my walking along the path  
       G                             C  
The foot trails are hard to follow   
                  G                      Em  
and feeling hallow, I headed back  

Oohohoohoo... x4  

G                             C  
Someday Ill find the right words  
I'll sing a song   
that sounds like somewhere 

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