Lianne La Havas

Don't Wake Me Up

Lianne La Havas

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Don't Wake Me Up

Don't wake me up 
Em/D           A7 
Trying to find you 
Oh, as I walk through 
        G                          F#7 
You're hiding in the corners of my mind 
       B4                    B7 
Never fear, I'll be close behind 

  My only love, I... 
Em/D             A7 
I follow behind you 
I won't go without you 
    G                               F#7 
I know your love weighs heavy on my heart 
        B4                  B7 
But you are my only counterpart 

        Em   Em/D 
Well I know 
                A7   C7M 
Why I lost control 
                 Em    Em/D 
Of my heart and soul 
'Cause I know you, 
I can reach through 

I make mistakes but 
Em/D                  A7 
They're safely behind me 
Now I can run free 
     G                         F#7 
The only true love I have ever known 
     B4(7)                     B7 
Into yours my life has been thrown 

Still, i only think so 
Em/D                A7 
It's just the beginning 
Sing when you're willing 
      G                              F#7 
They say somethings are better left unsaid 
                B4(7)                B7 
But I'd take my life to stay in your bed 

REPEAT Chorus 

Don't wake me up 
Em/D           A7     C7M 
Trying to find you 

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