Leonard Cohen

Everybody Knows

Leonard Cohen

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Everybody Knows

	  		Everybody (Dm)knows that the dice are loaded. 
Everybody (Bb)rolls with their fingers crossed. 
Everybody (Dm)knows the war is over. 
Everybody (Bb)knows the good guys lost. 
Everybody (Gm)knows the fight was (A)fixed: 
The poor stay (C)poor, the rich get (Dm)rich. 
That's how it (Eb)goes.(A)  Everybody (Dm)knows. 
Everybody (Dm)knows that the boat is leaking. 
Everybody (Bb)knows the captain lied. 
Everybody (Dm)got this broken feeling 
like their (Bb)father or their dog just died. 
Everybody (Gm)talking to their (A)pockets. 
Everybody (C)wants a box of (Dm)choc'lates 
and a long stem (Eb)rose.(A)  Everybody (Dm)knows. 
Everybody (Dm)knows that you love me, baby. 
Everybody (Bb)knows that you really do. 
Everybody (Dm)knows that you've been faithful, 
(Bb)give or take a night or two. 
Everybody (Gm)knows you've been discret,(A) 
But there were so many (C)people you just had to (Dm)meet 
without your (Eb)clothes.(A)  And everybody (Dm)knows. 
Everybody (F)knows. Everybody (C)knows. That's how things (Dm)goes.(C) (Bb)Everybody (F)knows. Everybody (F)knows. Everybody (C)knows. That's how it (Dm)goes.(C) (Bb)Everybody (F)knows.
?(Dm)And everybody (Dm)knows that it's now or never. Everybody (Bb)knows that's me or you. And everybody (Dm)knows that you live forever when you've (Bb)done a line or two. Everybody (Gm)knows the deal is (A)rotten: Old black (C)Joe's still picking (Dm)cotton for your ribbon and (Eb)bows. (A) And everybody (Dm)knows. Everybody (Dm)knows that the plague is coming. Everybody (Bb)knows that it's moving fast. Everybody (Dm)knows that the naked man and the woman are just a (Bb)shining artifact of the past. Everybody (Gm)knows the scene is (A)dead, But there's gonna (C)be a meter on your (Dm)bed that will dis(Eb)close(A) What everybody (Dm)knows. And everybody (Dm)knows that you're in trouble. Everybody (Bb)knows what you've been through, from the bloody (Dm)cross on top of Calvary to the (Bb)beach of Malibu. Everybody (Gm)knows it's coming a(A)part: Take one (C)last look at this sacred (Dm)heart before it (Eb)blows. (A) And everybody (Dm)knows.

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