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More Than Anything Chords

Lamar Campbell

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by lucicamargo

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More Than Anything


  Ab                Ab/C      Db         Eb Eb/G 
I lift my hands in total adoration unto You 
    Ab           Ab/C 
You reign on the throne 
             Bb7/D        Dbm 
For You are God and God alone 
                 Ab/C    Db        Ebsus4  
Because of You my cloudy days are gone 
      C7(b9)    C7/E     Fm7 
I can sing to You this song 
C -Bb- Ab - G  Bbm7               Db/Eb      Eb/G     Ab  
I just want to say that I love You more than anything 

Bb/D Eb Eb/Db Love me in Your arms Ab/C Bbm Ab Bb/D You were my shelter from the storm Eb Eb/G When all my friends were gone Gb/Ab Db You were right there all along C7 C7(B9) C7/E Fm Eb Bb/D I've never known a love like this be - fore C -Bb- Ab - G Bbm7 Db/Eb Eb/G Ab I just want to say that I love You more than anything
Vamp Dbmaj7 Eb/F I Love You Jesus Eb/G Gb/Ab I worship and adore You Dbmaj7 Eb/F Just want to tell You Eb/G Ab Bbm Ab/C Db Gb/Ab C-Ab-Eb Lord I Love You more than anything (2nd time) Lick: C Ab G Ab-Bb-Ab G F Eb C Db (back to vamp)

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