Lady Lamb The Beekeeper

Sunday Shoes

Lady Lamb The Beekeeper

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Sunday Shoes

Capo on 7th fret
	  		Standard tuning 

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C Em Am F* e|----------------------------------------0----------------------------------| B|--------------------------------------------1------------------------------| G|--------0---2-----------0---2-------2-----------2---0---0---0---0----------| D|----2-----------0---2-----------0-----2---2---2---3---3---2----------------| A|--3---3---3---3---2---2---2---2---0---------------------------0------------| E|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|
C Em You scuffed your sunday shoes when you leapt the fence Am F* to chase the wolves from your baby sister. C Em Who was eating dirt in the flowerbed Am F* C near the house where your mother hung her head Em Am F* and wept for the lord to fill her up like C Em Am F* buttermilk pancakes at sunday brunch. Intro (x2) C Em the town was swept away in oceans of praise Am F* with talk about how we're headed home. C Em and how we'll all be held in the arms of Am F* the most selfless love C Em Am F* and the good that we have done is already written down C Em Am F* and we shall all become a phenomenon. C E Am F* C E Am Am
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Dm Am e|--1-1-111-1--13-111--0-0-000-0--00-000-------------------------------------| B|--3-3-333-3--33-333--1-1-111-1--11-111-------------------------------------| G|--2-2-222-0h222-222--2-2-222-0h222-222-------------------------------------| x2 D|---------------------2-2-222-2--22-222-------------------------------------| A|---------------------0-0-000-0--00-000-------------------------------------| E|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| E F e|--0-0-000-0--00-000--1-1-111-1-1-111-1-1-111-1-1-111-----------------------| B|--0-0-000-0--00-000--1-1-111-1-1-111-1-1-111-1-1-111-----------------------| G|--1-1-111-1--11-111--2-2-222-2-2-222-2-2-222-2-2-222-----------------------| D|--2-2-222-0h222-222--3-3-333-3-3-333-3-3-333-3-3-333-----------------------| A|--2-2-222-2--22-222--3-3-333-3-3-333-3-3-333-3-3-333-----------------------| E|--0-0-000-0--00-000--1-1-111-1-1-111-1-1-111-1-1-111-----------------------|
C Em you scuffed your sunday shoes when you leapt the fence Am F* to save your sister from those hungry wolves, C E Am but you fell the wrong way, yeah you broke your leg F* C E Am F* and now the animals are turning their heads, they're turning C E Am F* C E Am F* no, now they're turning back. they're turning back. C Em Am F* to take you to their den and lick your bones, C Em Am F* to take you down to their home and kiss all on your bones C Em Am F* but don't be afraid to go with them, C Em Am F* don't be afraid to be carried home. C Em Am F* the sky, it will open up, it will swallow you whole C Em Am F* C Em Am but don't worry my love; it will feel so nice on your soul. F* C Em Am F* so nice on your soul. C Em Am F* and you will be laid to rest by gentle hands. C Em Am F* and you will be sorely missed by your mother and your father and you, C Em Am F* you, you will become your most favorite color, C Em Am F* you, you will become your most favorite color C Em Am F* like the dinosaurs, discovered, then laid to rest. C Em Am F* like the dinosaurs, puzzled over, then laid to rest. C Em Am F* like the dinosaurs, pieced back together, and laid to rest, C Em Am F* C so don't you fret for your baby sister now.

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