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Always In My Heart Chords

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Always In My Heart

(Kim Gannon and Ernesto Lecuona)

F#m    E4/7   E7  D9 Dm6  A7M D9 A7M 
You are  always in my  heart 
E7    F#m7         Fdim     A7M D9 A7M 
Even though you're far  away 
E7    F#m7    Cdim   A7M C#m5-/7 
I can hear the music of  
             F#7   Cdim       D 
The song of love I sang with you 
E7     Bm5-/7  E7/13    D9    E7 
You are always in  my heart 
        Bm5-/7     Cdim      E7 
And when skies above are gray 
E7  Fdim   Edim      D9 
I remember that you care 
   Bm5-/7      E7/9  E7  Fdim   D9      A     Edim  E7 
And then and there, the sun  breaks through 
F#m   E4/7  E7 D9 Dm6  A7M D9 A7M 
Just before  I  go to  sleep 
E7        A7M   D9 Fdim  A7M D9 Bm5-/7 A7M 
There's a renezvous I  keep 
E7      A7M    F#m    Gdim 
And the dream I always meet  
Cdim  A7 Cdim Gdim      Edim  Bm F#7 Bm               
Helps me forget   we're far apart 
        F#7      Gdim D     Dm6   E7 
I don't know exactly when, Dear 
       Bm5-/7       Cdim    A     D9    A 
But I'm sure we'll meet again, Dear 
E7     F#m      Cdim    E7 
And my Darling, 'til we do 
       Bm5-/7  Fdim     A 
You are always in my heart 

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